December 2018


We wish each of you a very Merry Christmas.  We are grateful for the blessings that we have in our lives and for your kindness to us.


We had an exciting year watching our grandchildren here in Reno as they participated in: (Jake) baseball; (Hunter) really enjoys Lake Tahoe; (Carter) basketball and track; (Kaylee) tennis and track; (Hadley) tennis, choir and the musical James and the Giant Peach. (Mollie) piano, orchestra, dance and the Nutcracker Ballet. We have all enjoyed Sherry and Jim’s Lake house at South Lake Tahoe.


Our three oldest are attending college. (Lexi) at the University of Reno, (Scott) at the Colorado School of Mines and (Carter) at BYU Hawaii.


We added two grandchildren to our family when Asher and Harper were adopted by Julie and John in September.


We really enjoyed going to Sweden and Denmark this summer with Carter to see Katarina, Jeff and family.  We loved going to Liseberg and Tivoli amusement parks. Benjamin loves to play basketball, computer games and doing things with friends. Olivia loves to listen to KPop music, enjoys dance and doing creative art.


We went to Colorado three times to see Karissa and Michael and family.  The boys performed in several Musicals. Nicholas was Rooster in Annie.   Three boys were in Les Misérables. Scott was Jean Valjean, Zachary had four parts, and Nathan was Gavroche. Nathan was also in Macbeth, and Bruce in Matilda. They all did an excellent job.


Our church ward which had 400 members was divided and our new ward now has 250 members.  We are truly enjoying getting to make many new friends.  Doug is the Executive Secretary and enjoys working with Bishop Hiatt.  Sharon is in charge of Empty Nesters, scheduling the building, and doing the bulletin. We both love serving in the Reno Temple each Friday.


May we always be willing to share the Light of Christ in our lives as we show

love, service, and forgiveness to others.


December 2017


We are grateful for each of you and for the wonderful memories that we share.


The highlight of our year was when Katarina, Jeff, and family from Sweden and Karissa, Michael, and family from Colorado Springs came to Reno for our family reunion. It was wonderful for all of us to be together and do many activities. There is nothing as important as family and this was probably our last year to all be together for a while because of grandchildren going to college and on missions. It is amazing how old and wise our family is becoming.


We enjoyed all the grandchildren’s activities this year with their parents Sherry and Jim and Julie and John. We can honestly say there is never a dull moment in Reno.


We continue to love serving in the Reno Temple each week and being with dear friends. At church, Doug keeps the records updated as Membership Clerk and Sharon is in charge of the ward bulletin. We enjoy coordinating our Empty Nester’s activities.


Sharon’s brother Earl Anderson was killed in his red pickup truck in September. His death has been very sad for Sharon because she and Earl were extremely close and visited on the telephone several times a week. His funeral was wonderful and we were grateful for all of the family and friends who attended. We were able to visit Doug’s sister Donna and other family members in Idaho. We enjoyed our family Thanksgiving Dinner at our home and look forward to being in Colorado for Christmas.


Several of our dear friends lost their homes and all of their belongings because of the many fires in Santa Rosa. This tragedy has helped us reflect more about our family and friends instead of thinking about our possessions that we can lose at any time.


May the light of Christ bring you joy and peace in the coming year.


December 2016


As Christmas quickly approaches we are reminded of the many blessings we have received.  We are so grateful for family and friends that we have and for their influence in our lives. 


We continue to love serving in the Reno Temple every Friday.  It is special to see friends from near and far at the Temple. Doug is serving as our Mogul Ward Membership Clerk.  He likes making certain that the records are correct.  Sharon is in charge of creating the weekly Sunday bulletin.  We both lead our Empty Nester’s Activity each month and have made several new friends. We are thrilled when family and friends stop by to spend a night or more.


In May we went to San Francisco where Doug and his Hewlett Packard development team were given an IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society award for the development of Network Analyzer Technology.  We also enjoyed seeing many dear friends at the conference and in Santa Rosa. 


All of our children and grandchildren are doing very well.  They are happy, healthy, and enjoying school and work.  We are very fortunate to have had three foster grandchildren.  We can hardly wait until July when our Colorado and Swedish families will be here. 


Our hearts are filled with love for Jesus Christ and we are thrilled to be able to celebrate His birth this month.  He is the center of our lives and we are grateful for His life and His sacrifice for us.  May you have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year.


December 2015


We truly have been blessed to have a sweet and tender love in our home. Our parents taught us well and we are grateful we have used their examples to help us in our daily lives. We were told we probably would never have any children so we felt so blessed each time we were able to have another child


We are so thankful for family and friends and for the special feeling we have for you. It has been two years now since Doug’s appendix ruptured and he has nearly totally recovered. Sharon has been having trouble with low blood oxygen levels and arthritis.  We appreciate the good days and even the not so good days. Each day is a blessing that we continue to enjoy.  Moving to Reno was a very good choice for us.


Our children and grandchildren are a wonderful blessing in our lives.


We went to Sweden in May. We enjoyed many gourmet dinners that Jeff, Katarina and Ingmarie created. We went to Liseberg (a wonderful family amusement park) and enjoyed the beautiful tulips. The kids loved all of the rides and three very, very large boxes of candy that Benjamin won. The kids are growing up so fast.


Michael came here with the boys in the summer. We went to Colorado Springs for Thanksgiving and got really spoiled. We had a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner that Michael cooked all by himself and great pies that Karissa baked.  We enjoyed being with our four grandsons and learning more about their lives and activities.


We enjoy spending time with Sherry, Julie, and their families here in Reno.  We love attending grandchildren’s basketball games, choir concerts, plays, ballet recitals, birthday parties, tennis matches, volleyball matches, baseball games, track meets, and school programs. As you can see we are really busy and happy.


We went to Idaho Falls to visit Doug’s sisters Alta and Donna and their families. We then went to Grand Teton National Park, Sharon’s 55th Bear River High School class reunion and visited with Sharon’s brother Earl. It was great to be able to visit with many dear family members and friends.


We have been truly blessed by serving in the Reno Temple each week. We have made many dear friends at the temple, in our ward, and in Reno.


We sincerely hope that you are doing well and that you are enjoying this time in your life. May the spirit of Christ be in your lives each and every day. We hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


December 2014


This has been a year of happy memories and many blessings.  We are grateful for our family and friends and for the support and love they give us.  This season brings us closer together as we focus on the life and mission of our Savior Jesus Christ.


We began the year realizing that our most wonderful blessing would be the survival and return to good health of Doug after his emergency appendix removal.  Doug is feeling better and stronger each month.  He is such a blessing in all of our lives and we are grateful for him.  Doug likes being Assistant Stake Clerk working with the Single Adult Ward.  We serve in the Reno Temple each Friday and we know that it blesses our lives.  We enjoy working with the Empty Nesters (Old Dudes) in our ward.  Sharon loves working in our Ward Relief Society Presidency.  We have many friends here in Reno and we really enjoy being with them.


We went to Colorado Springs for Nathan’s baptism in March and to Utah for two family weddings in March and June.  We love having people come and spend the night.


We had everyone in Reno for a family reunion in July.  It was fun to watch the cousins play and interact with each other.  Benjamin and Olivia speak Swedish and English very well.  We went roller skating, jumping at a trampoline park, swimming at our swim club, and golfing.  We had pizza, fried chicken, Chinese, and great home cooked meals.  Most of us were able to go to Disneyland after the reunion.


We stayed with Mary Lou Sullivan at her cabin at Donner Lake in September.  We enjoyed visiting with her and Jim and Sherry Moore.  We went onto Bodie Ghost Town with our High Priests Group.  It is now the largest ghost town in California with about 110 buildings.  10,000 people lived there in 1880 and it was California’s second largest city.  In October Sharon spent a week in Boise with Carol Friedli and JoAnn Allen.  We were dear high school friends and roommates at Utah State.


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at our home with the Olson family (including Jim’s sister Maureen) and the Moore family.  We are excited to go to Colorado Springs for Christmas and then to Utah for a family wedding.


Our thoughts are with you at this special time of year and we hope you will find love and peace in your homes.


December 2013


At this special time of year when we celebrate the birth, mission, and life of our Beloved Savior, we want to express our love and gratitude to each and every one of you for your love, your example, and your goodness.  The Savior’s life gives all of us perspective about the things that matter most and among many blessings we have received from Him, we count each of you as a treasured blessing.


May the peace of His life, His teachings, His example, and His atoning sacrifice bless each of you and be part of all you do.  Though we all face challenges in our lives, when we follow His teachings, we will find true happiness and joy.


This has been a wonderful year of blessings in our life.  Our biggest blessing occurred in November when Doug went to the Doctor.  We were sent by ambulance to Renown Hospital and Doug had an emergency surgery.  His appendix had ruptured several days earlier and he was septic. The Doctor told us if he had his surgery one day later he would have died. He was in ICU on a ventilator for five days and in the hospital for 6 more days.  He was then moved to Renown Rehab Hospital and worked really hard on his exercises and was excited to come home one and a half weeks earlier than expected.  We are grateful to live in Reno where Sherry, Julie, and their families have been so helpful visiting with Doug for hours at a time and cheering him on in therapy.  This has helped the time go by faster for Doug and has given us all the blessing of becoming even closer to each other.


We loved visiting with Katarina and Jeff in Sweden in May.  We went by ship to northern Denmark with them.  Sharon’s dearest friend Joan Bingham passed away during our visit and we returned to Santa Rosa a week early for her funeral.  We were looking forward to spending Christmas with Karissa and Michael in their new home in Colorado Springs.  We are now planning to visit them in March.


We had a 1 1/2 year old bear; a year old rattlesnake, and a big mountain lion (his paws were big in the snow) visit us this year.  What a blessing no one was injured.


We are happy, busy and grateful for all we have.  We treasure your friendship and our association with each of you.  May you remember Him in everything you do, as you spend time with family and loved ones during this joyous time of the year.


December 2012


We spent our first entire year in Reno, Nevada in our new home.  We have enjoyed many friends staying overnight with us on their way to Utah or on their way back to Santa Rosa.  This has been a great blessing to us and helps to keep us connected to our dear California friends.  Our home is always open to you and your family.


We were called to start an empty nester Family Home Evening group in our ward.  This has helped all of us get to know each other better.  We both became Ward Employment Specialists and helped several people get jobs.  Doug was called to be an Assistant Stake Clerk and works with the Young Single Adult Ward.  Sharon was called to be 2nd Counselor in the Mogul Ward Relief Society Presidency.  We are Temple Ordinance Workers every Friday and we have learned so much.  So you can see we have not been put out to pasture but continue to love serving others in our church callings.


It is so nice to be near to Jim, Sherry, Lexi (13), Hunter (10), and Jake (5).  We are able to see them often and enjoy getting together to celebrate birthdays, holidays, and watch the kids play soccer and basketball games.  We help each other get to and from the airport (18 minutes away), color Sharon’s hair, and we like to go shopping together.


We went to Sweden last May and truly loved being with Jeff, Katarina, Benjamin (8), and Olivia (6) for two weeks.  We were able to travel with them to several Swedish landmarks and had lots of wonderful food in their home and in restaurants.  Jeff (Saab went out of business) is now working as the Business Controller at Componenta.


Michael, Karissa, Scott (12), Zachary (10), Nicholas (8), & Nathan (6) celebrated the Fourth of July with us & we had a great time.  Karissa earned her Masters Degree & is teaching grades 7-8 at a Magnet gifted school.  The boys are attending the same school.   We went to Colorado for Thanksgiving & loved being with family & having delicious food. 


We enjoy living in the same ward as John, Julie, Carter (12), Kaylee (10), Hadley (7), & Mollie (5).  We like going to the kids dance recitals, piano recitals, choir concerts, and plays.  We enjoy going to the temple together and getting Sharon’s hair styled each week.  It is nice to have family close by to help us at a moments notice and make surprise dinners for us. 


We are grateful for our many blessings, good health, happy children and grandchildren, great family and friends.  Doug’s sister Alta’s husband Burton Johnson passed away in November. We find peace in our lives because of Jesus Christ and his love for all of us. May you have a Merry Christmas and a happy and blessed New Year.


December 2011


This has been a year of miracles for our family.  On Christmas Eve day we put an offer on a home in Reno, Nevada.  It was a short sale and we had no idea if we could get the home and homes were not selling very well in Santa Rosa.  Michael, Karissa, Scott, Zachary, Nicholas, and Nathan came to Reno after Christmas and enjoyed seeing the new home, visiting with Sherry, Julie and their families and going to Santa Rosa to see friends.  We called a family in our ward and asked them if they would be interested in buying our home and they were thrilled.  What a miracle for both families.


Sharon was a bridesmaid for Mary Houghton Briggs in January and we enjoyed being in the Salt Lake temple with Mary and Gabe.  Sharon began her last tax season at Houghton & Freitas.  Doug began cleaning the house out by donating, giving away, and tossing.  Doug’s sister’s husband Brian Robinson passed away this spring.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Donna and her family.


Leaving Santa Rosa after 38 years where we loved serving in our ward and stake was hard.  Leaving dear friends was extremely difficult.  We left for Reno on May 5th and began the waiting game to see if we would get the home.  We lived with Jim, Sherry, Lexi, Hunter, and Jake for three days and then we would move to be with John, Julie, Carter, Kaylee, Hadley, and Mollie for the next three days.  This went on for over two months.


We were excited to close on our home and start making improvements before we moved in.  The moving truck arrived on July 11th from Santa Rosa and we had four days to move in before we left to pick up Jeff, Katarina, Benjamin, and Olivia from Sweden.  It was wonderful to have them here for three and a half weeks.  We went to Disneyland with them and met the entire family for a reunion cruise to Catalina Island and Ensenada.


We are enjoying our new ward and friends.  We are ward employment specialists and in charge of the empty nesters family home evening. Doug teaches High Priests and Sharon substitutes for Relief Society lessons. We are going on a tour with friends to see the Rose Parade.  We will start serving at the Reno Temple in January.


We would love to have you come and stay with us.  Our address is 1975 Champion Hills Drive, Reno, NV 89523.  Our home phone number is (775) 453-9431.  Our e-mail address is


We are thankful for the blessings we have received and for your friendship.  We are grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and for the opportunity it gives us to serve others. Our family is wonderful and we love them so much.


December 2010


As the year quickly comes to a close we pause to reflect upon the blessings we have received in the past year. We enjoy our family and dear friends and the influence they have been in our lives.


Doug and Sharon are grateful for the love we feel for each other. We enjoyed traveling to Sweden to see our family. We loved playing with the children and going to Stockholm (near where Doug’s family came from). We enjoyed trips to Utah where we met the Rytting’s from Colorado and visiting with family in Idaho. It is nice to have our Reno families so close (just four hours away). Sharon had her 50th year class reunion and was scheduled to go on a cruise with class members in November but the Carnival Splendor ship had a fire the week before we were to go and so she is going in January with her classmates and dear friend JoAnn Allen.


Jim, Sherry, Lexi, Hunter, and Jake have two dogs named Roxy and Lucy (a 4 month old Beagle puppy), 2 cats, many fish and frogs. They have added a Lamborghini and Bentley to their car collection. Lexi enjoys volleyball, Hunter loves basketball and baseball and Jake looks forward to preschool and helping Mom at home. Jim was elected to be Chief of Surgery at Northern Nevada Medical Center. They are now in Hawaii.


Jeff, Katarina, Benjamin and Olivia have purchased a beautiful four bedroom home (neat to have the internet so we can see their home). They loved going to Crete (with Katarina’s Mom and family) and spending time at the beach. Benjamin started school and plays soccer. Olivia enjoys her Day Care. Jeff has a great job with Saab as a pricing analyst and Katarina is a traveling nurse. They love driving their new Saab.


Michael, Karissa, Scott, Zachary, Nicholas, and Nathan live just north of Colorado Springs. Michael is the Ward Mission Leader, leads the choir, and loves tennis and golf at their country club. Karissa is a counselor in Primary, working on her Master’s Degree in Education, and earned her black belt in Taekwondo this year. The boys are busy with golf, swimming, scouts, piano, violin, and Taekwondo.


John, Julie, Carter, Kaylee, Hadley, and Mollie live in their car (with Zoe their dog) as they drive to piano, soccer, swimming, baseball, preschool, basketball, scouts, Activity Days, Disneyland, and all four children as they go to dance classes. Good thing they have a new Ford Fusion and Lincoln Navigator to make all of the trips. John works with the Young Men and Julie teaches Activity Days and is Visiting Teaching Coordinator.


May the spirit of Christ be in our holiday season. We send our love and have a Merry Christmas.


December 2009


Every year seems to go faster than ever before. We are not sure if it is old age or that we just enjoy each other, our children, and grandchildren more each year. We are truly excited to hear from all of you.


Doug has been busy keeping our yard beautiful and loves being Stake Clerk and helpful to all the leaders in our stake. He spent 14 weeks (while Sharon was working at Houghton and Freitas CPA’s) scanning our slides and picture albums. All our families have the pictures in their computers and enjoy viewing them.


Sharon loves to work with the women in our ward as Visiting Teaching Coordinator. She had surgery in October and is grateful to be doing much better now. During this time we appreciated the support of our friends and family. Doug was a great nurse and enjoyed pampering Sharon.


We had an opportunity to visit many of our family and friends during our trips to Utah, Idaho and the Tetons over the summer. It was great fun to attend the Jenny Oaks Baker concert at Island Park, Idaho and the George Strait, Julianne Hough and Blake Shelton concert in Salt Lake City. We loved the Anderson Family reunion this summer and going to Disneyland and Reno in November. We will be in Reno and Colorado this December.


Sharon’s dear Mom Madge Earl Anderson passed away on May 4th just three months before her 90th birthday. She was truly an amazing trooper who never complained about anything. We all love her so much and we are grateful for her influence in our lives.


Our children and 13 grandchildren continue to be the greatest joy in our lives. We love being able to be with them on many occasions during the year. Thank goodness for Skype (visiting with the kids in Sweden), e-mail and telephone calls that keeps our family close.


We are certainly blessed to have your friendship in our lives. We are grateful for the blessings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to guide and direct us. May you have peace, happiness and good health in the coming year.


December 2008


As another year of joy and happiness comes to a close we find many blessings in our lives. Our health is the best it has been in years. We hope to be around for a very long time to enjoy our family and friends.


Doug and Sharon had fun together visiting all our children and spending special time with our 13 grandkids. We also went to Atlanta and to North Carolina to see the Biltmore House. We spent many hours together driving to Utah, Idaho, and southern Nevada visiting with dear family and friends. We had beautiful weather while visiting family in Colorado. Sharon enjoyed going to San Antonio, Texas while Doug was a keynote speaker at a conference in Ohio. We loved spending Halloween in Sweden and we will be in Reno for Christmas.


Sherry and Jim Olson love having a young son to watch grow and develop. Jake has brought much joy into their home and wants to be involved with everything that Lexi and Hunter do. Lexi and Hunter are doing well in their school. They enjoyed a family cruise to Mexico and Sherry and Jim enjoyed several romantic getaways.


Katarina and Jeff Rytting moved to Sweden this past year. They have a lovely apartment in downtown Vänersborg and near a fantastic park and lake. Katarina is working as a nurse’s assistant. Jeff is getting his Master’s in Business at a nearby university. Benjamin and Olivia love their preschool and have made many friends.


Karissa and Michael Rytting continue to enjoy living in Monument (near Colorado Springs). Their four sons are busy and active. They like building things with K’nex and Legos, and swimming at the YMCA. Karissa, Scott, and Zachary are doing great in Taekwondo. Nicholas and Nathan enjoy Karissa’s Preschool in their home.


Julie and John Moore moved into their dream home this past summer and have had lots of fun overseeing the completion of their house and yard. Carter is a perfect prince and Kaylee, Hadley, and Mollie are his princesses. They enjoyed Disneyland and other family trips together, and love swimming at their community pool.


We hope this holiday season will be wonderful for each of you. May the spirit of Christ be with you in the coming year.


December 2007


As another year quickly comes to a close we are grateful for our many blessings. 


Doug began the year with a successful gall bladder operation, his Diabetes is totally under control, and he is feeling great. In Hawaii Doug received the IEEE Joseph F. Keithley career award for key contributions to Microwave Instrumentation. It was fun to be with so many of his co-workers. Doug and Sharon are enjoying their new Home Theater with an outstanding sound system.


Sharon’s heart is doing amazingly well. Last year her heart had an ejection factor of 8% (which is near death) and now the rate is 35%. She is thrilled to be doing so well and has a new appreciation for life and the blessings that she has received. We had lots of fun totally remodeling our kitchen (with cherry wood cabinets, granite, etc.), redecorating the master bedroom, building a deck, and refinishing the patio.   


The biggest news for Jim and Sherry is the arrival of Jacob (Jake) Douglas born on June 12th.  He is adored by all of the family and loves to be held. Hunter knows all of the Pokemon’s names. He keeps us all laughing and enjoys science projects.  Lexi loves math, reading books, and art.  She is in her sixth year of ballet. Sherry and Jim look forward to their vacations and getting away from the stress of every day life. Jim’s Mom passed away this fall and she will be missed.


Jeff and Katarina’s exciting year began with the safe arrival of Olivia Maria on January 19th.  She loves to play peek-a-boo, clap her hands, and bounce to music.  Benjamin is into anything with Pirates including ships, swords, etc. and likes to play becoming a police officer or a fireman.  He is a very busy and active boy who is enjoys being in pre-school. Jeff and Katarina loved having her Mom, sister, and niece Lova visit from Sweden this fall. 


Michael was accepted into the Colorado Mormon Chorale. Karissa teaches preschool from home and just earned her purple belt in Taekwondo.  Scott is a super star in school and loves piano, taekwondo, and science.  Zachary is collecting lots of girlfriends in kindergarten and enjoys reading, taekwondo, and transformers.  Nicholas enjoys preschool with mom, dressing up, and all sports.  Nathan is learning to talk and enjoys cars, books, and climbing on counter tops.


John and Julie have kept busy with the arrival of baby #4 Mollie Lynn who was born on April 9th.   Mollie is a very happy baby and a wonderful addition to the family.   Hadley just turned two and is a total ham who adores being the center of attention.  Kaylee is still a sweet ballerina who enjoys doing anything artistic.  Carter is excelling in school, has started a boys tap class, and looks forward to his baptism.  John’s fishing trip to Alaska was great and Julie loved the family fun at Disneyland.


We feel fortunate to have good health, a wonderful family and many dear

friends. Christmas provides us with the opportunity to keep in touch with

all of you, but mostly it is a time to celebrate the life of our Savior,

Jesus Christ. May the joy and peace of this Christmas season be

with you in the coming year.


2006 Family News


During this holiday season we are grateful for the blessings we have received and

for the friendship and memories we share with each of you.


Doug had an exciting year giving IEEE distinguished lectures in England, Norway, and Belgium. Sharon went along for a 5½-week holiday. They also enjoyed Scotland, Sweden (we got to see Katarina’s family and area where she grew up), and Vienna, Austria where we boarded a small cruise ship and traveled thru Austria and Germany to Amsterdam. Our entire family went to Colorado for a family reunion and had a fantastic time.


Sharon’s exciting year has been finding out that she has congestive heart failure. She had many tests and procedures done and was given a defibrillator, pacemaker and medication to make her heart stronger. After 7 years serving as our Stake Relief Society President she was released and is serving on our ward activities committee (so she will be able to party on). Doug has been our Stake Clerk for 8 years. Grand parenting becomes more enjoyable each year.


Jim and Sherry continue to enjoy buying and selling real estate in Reno and on the strip in Las Vegas. They enjoyed family vacations to Ixtapa, Mexico and a cruise to Ensenada. Lexi (7) is in second grade and enjoys reading chapter books, ballet, littlest pet shop, and her many friends. Hunter (5) is in preschool and loves his red blanket, naps, dinosaurs, snakes (to torment Grandma), and game boy.


Jeff and Katarina have moved to Reno where he got an exciting offer to work at Castelli Diaries. He does their computers, accounting, and production. Katarina has been busy learning about new areas and looking for a home to buy. Benjamin (2½) loves pirates, swords, trains, and he is learning more Swedish words each day. Their exciting news is that they are expecting  a daughter Olivia Maria in February.


Michael has been promoted to “expert engineer” (specializing in digital design) and he is an avid golfer. Karissa started her own preschool and had the lead role in the Stake pioneer musical “1856.” Scott (7) is in the running club, plays basketball, t ball, and the piano. Zachary (5) is a loving child who enjoys preschool, learning to read, soccer, and girls. Nicholas (3) loves all sports, enjoys preschool, and he is an entertaining child. Nathan Douglas was born in March. He has such a sweet personality (must take after Grandpa) and loves playing with his brothers.


John enjoys working at a small construction defense law firm where he is the firm’s labor and employment specialist. Julie has been busy with her family and serving as Enrichment counselor in Relief Society. Carter (7) loves reading, writing, singing, and playing with transformers. Kaylee (5) adores preschool, ballet, horses, and doing artwork. Hadley (1) has a darling loving personality, enjoys her siblings, and chasing the cats. They are looking forward to the birth of their surprise daughter in April.


We hope that love and peace will be your gifts of this season and that you will feel the joy we feel from celebrating the most important event to ever happen on this earth, the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


2005 Family News


This year has been a very pleasant and exciting time. We had a special opportunity to visit Australia, New Zealand and Fiji and had a wonderful vacation together. Sharon’s Grandfather went on a mission to Australia and it was fun to walk in his footsteps and feel a little of the experiences that he had. Doug also has been consulting in China and finally has eaten enough Chinese food. Doug is the Stake Clerk and Sharon is the Stake Relief Society President and we enjoy working and serving with the wonderful people in Santa Rosa.


Jim and Sherry moved into their new home with beautiful views of Reno. Their new hobby has become decorating their home. They are still busy buying and selling houses in their real estate adventures. Lexi (6) is now in the first grade and has a love for learning that is exciting to watch. She really likes her fourth year of ballet. Hunter (4) is starting pre school classes and is enjoying school, dinosaurs and cars. 


Jeff, Katarina and Benjamin are doing well. Benjamin (1 1/2) gets his picture taken all the time and allows Katarina to share them with family and friends. He is one great explorer and has forced all the fancy items in the house up to new heights. They are all looking forward to skiing together this winter. Jeff and Katarina love the high mountain air and scenery of Tahoe City and it is so much fun to visit them in their beautiful area.


Michael and Karissa are expecting a new baby boy next March. They will have four sons to help with the yard of their new home in Monument, Colorado. Scott (6) is now in Kindergarten and has become the protector of his younger brothers. Zachary (4) is attending preschool and makes sure there is always some action going on at home. Nicholas (2) is now a full-fledged toddler and he is in love with Blue’s Clues.


John and Julie have a new baby girl named Hadley Jewel born on November 11th. Hadley is very pleasant and is adored by her older brother Carter and sister Kaylee. They have moved four miles west to a new home in Reno up in hills close to the temple. Carter (6) is in Kindergarten and loves all types learning and particularly his teacher. Kaylee (4) enjoys pre school, dance, art projects and crafts.


We are appreciative and thankful for our family, friends, and many blessings this year. We are thankful for health and the love we feel in our family. We pray that you will have a loving and peaceful Christmas season.


2004 Family News


As we begin our annual Christmas letter we reflect upon the blessings and miracles in our lives for the past year. Several of our friends have had health problems and we are grateful for their example, faith, and hope. Doug was nominated to be an IEEE (world wide electrical engineering professional society) distinguished lecturer and we have traveled to several chapters in California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, and Florida. We both enjoy our Stake callings and the wonderful people we serve with. We had a fantastic time being with our children and grandchildren at our family reunion in May at Disneyland. We will always remember the happiness in our grandchildren’s eyes and how excited we all were to be together and make special memories.


Jim and Sherry keep busy buying, building, and selling homes in Reno. They found time to relax on a cruise to Mexico and on several weekend getaways. Lexi (5) started kindergarten and loves school, books, dolls, and talking on the telephone (must have learned this skill from Mom and Grandma). Hunter is a busy active nearly three year old that enjoys dump trucks, cartoons, talking, and his blanket.


Jeff and Katarina’s miracle son Benjamin Kent was born on June 28. He is a remarkable baby that likes having his picture taken many times a day by his Mom. He loves his dog Oliver, his friends Jacob and Emerson, and going on walks with his parents. It is amazing how Jeff and Katarina’s enjoyment of mountain biking, kickboxing, and snow skiing have now become focused on enjoying and loving Benjamin.


Michael and Karissa welcomed their third son Nicholas Robert on February 11 and he adores his Mommy. Grandpa went to help and had a great time. Michael and Karissa enjoyed singing eight songs together from “Annie Get Your Gun” in their ward production. Scott (nearly 5) is attending preschool and he is now reading and writing. Zachary (nearly 3) loves Jay Jay the plane, drawing, and playing with his brothers.


John and Julie appreciate life after law school. John is now an attorney in Reno with Littler Mendelson practicing labor and employment law. He was excited to pass the California Bar. Julie enjoys decorating and organizing their home and doing craft projects. Carter (nearly 5) loves preschool, animals, rescue heroes, and singing all day. Kaylee (3) finds happiness reading books and playing with friends, horses, and Carter.


We are thankful for our family, friends, church, and many blessings that come into our lives. May you have a peaceful and joyous holiday season.

2003 Family News

We were thrilled when we finally had our four children, delighted when they married four wonderful people, and find pure joy in the fantastic grandchildren we have. Doug retired after 37 years working at Hewlett Packard and Agilent on January 15th. Sharon began working on January 16th until April 15th when the tax season ended. We decided to buy a rental home in Reno and we have had fun building it this year. We both enjoy our involvement in our church as Stake Clerk and Stake Relief Society President. Our time together after Doug’s retirement has been fulfilling and satisfying. We especially like visiting with our wonderful families.


Jim, Sherry, Lexi (4), and Hunter (2) enjoy finding and purchasing rental homes in Reno. Sherry is the manager of these 13 properties and very involved with various projects. Jim works diligently at his new orthopedic practice and has invented creative techniques for spine surgery. Lexi had her first ballet dance recital and enjoys Pre School and swimming. Hunter is a busy boy who loves lawnmowers and “helping” Mom and Dad. We were excited to have Hunter stay with us when his family spent a week in Hawaii.


Jeff and Katarina are very happy in Tahoe City with their view of Lake Tahoe. Jeff works five days a week as the computer manager at Dave’s five Ski Shops. He goes to Reno on Tuesdays to work at Castelli Dairies where he maintains their computer systems. Jeff became an avid mountain biker this year. Katarina is assistant manager of Dave’s Tahoe City. She loves being outside and at the Beach. She enjoys hanging out with friends and shopping for items for their home. Oliver continues to be our favorite grand dog.


Michael and Karissa enjoy living in Colorado Springs with Scott (4), Zachary (2), and look forward to the birth of Nicholas in February. Michael is deeply appreciated for his many contributions at Agilent. Michael is First Counselor in Young Men and Karissa is Enrichment Counselor in Relief Society and sings vocal solos in various productions. Scott began Pre School, loves Bob the Builder, books, and his friends. Zachary also enjoys Bob the Builder, loves to cuddle, drive trains, and chasing their two cats.


John, Julie, Carter (4), and Kaylee (2) have moved into their new home in Reno. John graduated from law school, passed the Nevada bar, and began working for the firm Laxalt and Nomura. He has been called as the Ward Athletic Director and enjoys playing softball and basketball. Julie loves decorating their home, teaching Young Women, and is involved with many social groups. Carter adores his animals, jungle bedroom, and Pre School. Kaylee is charming and loves reading, playing with dolls, and her mini kitchen.


May you all have a peaceful holiday season and a wonderful new year. Reading in John we find “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son.” May we always remember the gift and sacrifice of Jesus Christ in our everyday lives.

2002 Family News

It is always a wonderful time of year to share our love and best wishes with each of you. This year has been a memorable one with trips to Belgium, Ireland, Colorado, Utah, Seattle and Washington DC. There are many fun memories visiting with several of you during these trips. We have children and grandchildren that continue to be the new tonic for life. You know it is not bad getting older, just better. This year saw the passing of our 19-year-old cat named Buffy. What a survivor and an excellent pet.


This year Doug decided it was time to retire from Agilent Technologies. He is planning on doing some teaching, consulting, enjoying the grandchildren and it also has been rumored that there is a new and improved honey-do-list that has been created. Grandchildren stick to Grandpa like glue but Grandpa loves being stuck this way. He is also serving as the Stake Clerk and enjoys working with the Stake Presidency and others in our stake.


Sharon is a wonderful grandmother and the one that holds our family crew together. We should buy stock in the telephone company because we have single-handedly saved them from bankruptcy. Sharon is serving as the Stake Relief Society President and finds this an excellent way to get to know, serve, and love the sisters. She also continues to work at Houghton and Freitas during the tax season and enjoys working in our lovely yard.


Sherry and Jim are in Reno where Jim is a spine surgeon. He is also doing consulting with various surgical equipment companies and has been on the lecture circuit. We welcomed a new grandson Hunter on Jan 23. What a happy and inquisitive boy he is. Lexi is the substitute mother and loves him so much. Sherry and Jim have had a lot of fun decorating their new home and getting into the real estate investment business. Maybe they will have a place for us to stay during our retirement.


Jeff and Katarina are in Tahoe City and love that location. They both now work at Dave’s Ski Shop. If you want your computer network humming just talk to Jeff since he is the expert at work. Katarina’s sister Annika and her boy friend Magnus from Sweden are spending six months visiting this winter and staying with Jeff and Katarina. They are also working at Dave’s and having a wonderful time visiting and skiing in the United States. Oliver (the dog) has been attending obedience school and obeys the best of all the grand critters.


Michael and Karissa moved from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs this past year. They welcomed a son named Zachary born on Jan 18. He is delightful and loves to cuddle. Moving to Colorado Springs means they have a new home, a Toyota minivan and are making many new friends. Mike just loves his job at Agilent and Karissa has quickly set up playgroups for the boys and their friends. Scott loves his Dad or at least the new gas powered remote control car that Dad lets him drive.


John and Julie continue to love living in Sacramento. John has one semester left before graduating from law school. Julie is serving as enrichment leader in her Ward Relief Society and finds time to be a BeautiControl consultant. Carter loves his little toy animals and you can find them everywhere and anywhere. Kaylee turns one on Dec 18 and is adventurous and loving. They have a new Nissan Altima car that they are driving to Utah for Christmas.


Well, it has been a sweet and wonderful year together as family. We know that we have been blessed and are thankful for the interactions and relationships we continue to enjoy with you.  May the Lord bless us all and may we particularly remember the Savior during this time of year.

2001 Family News

What an eventful year we have had. Doug continues to enjoy his work at Agilent and because of cutbacks in travel he has been in Santa Rosa most of the time this year. Working closely with our Stake Presidency as Stake Clerk has been rewarding. Sharon loves meeting with women in our stake as the Stake Relief Society President and working three months a year with a CPA firm.


We went to Utah several times this year. Sharon’s mom went with us to Colorado during the summer, and all the girls and grand children gathered in Reno for Halloween.


We all met at the Reno Airport to surprise Doug for his 60th birthday. He had no idea and Sharon was very excited everyone kept it a secret. We all stayed in Sherry and Jim’s new home and made many memories. Doug and Sharon loved their vacation to Alaska in July. We met Doug’s family in Seward and enjoyed cruising on Resurrection Bay, visiting Alaska’s national parks by train and viewing the wildlife. We were truly amazed with the green vegetation, spectacular mountains, glaciers and waterfalls.


Sherry and Jim love living in Reno. Jim is very successful with his orthopedic surgery practice and Sherry has been able to make many new friends. They have enjoyed doing their yard and decorating their home. They are excited to have a new son James Hunter to be born in January. Lexi is a sweet and charming 27 month old that loves Barney, reading books, and taking care of her dolls.


Jeff continues working at Dave’s Ski Shop and Katarina works at Dave’s and a local health club. Their home is being furnished and is in a picturesque setting overlooking Lake Tahoe. They have a great time skiing and playing with their one and a half year old golden retriever Oliver. They enjoyed Annika and Magnus visiting from Sweden this summer and plan to travel to Sweden next year.


Michael, and Karissa are firmly settled in beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado. Michael is enjoying his work at Agilent and serving as assistant scoutmaster. Karissa is a busy and happy homemaker. They are expecting a son Zachery Michael in mid January. Scott is a very active 22 month old full of curiosity. He loves Thomas the train, jumping on the trampoline, and remote controls.


Julie and John are located in Sacramento where John is half way through law school and enjoying his studies. Julie is now a stay at home mom and serves as enrichment leader in their ward. They are having a baby girl Kaylee Ann to be born at any moment. Carter is a happy and bubbly 23 month old. His favorite pastime is watching Toy Story, playing with Elmo and his animals.


This has been a year of reflecting and counting our blessings. We appreciate the opportunity to celebrate the birth of Christ. The flags flying each day and the increased patriotism in the country have touched us. Our thoughts and prayer are with those who have suffered so much this year. We hope this holiday season will be a peaceful and spiritual time for you and your family.

2000 Family News

This has been an eventful year for our family.  We now have three grand children and a grand puppy.  Sharon’s friends were so delighted that they gave her a Grandma Shower.  She was released as Ward Relief Society President and now enjoys being Stake Relief Society President.  Her Dad had leukemia this past year and we were grateful for the many visits and phone calls we were able to share.  He was a great example of giving and service to others.  We were all able attend his funeral in September.  Sharon’s Mom will be here with our family for Christmas.  Doug is a happy little clam and enjoys his calling as Stake Clerk.  He manages new technology development at Agilent and is busy at work and traveling to all parts of the world.

Sherry and Jim continue to adore Lexi (born 9/29/99).  Lexi loves reading her books and shopping with her parents.  Sherry received her Master’s degree in May.  Jim finished his residency in orthopedic surgery and is doing a fellowship on the spine in Los Angeles.  In February they will be moving into the home they are building in Reno where Jim will begin his practice.

Katarina and Jeff moved into a home in Tahoe City. They have a big yard for their golden retriever Oliver (born 5/13/00).  They purchased a Toyota 4-runner and enjoyed traveling with Katarina’s Dad and his wife throughout California in October.  They are both working for Dave’s Ski Shop and love snow skiing, cross-country skiing, telemark skiing, and hiking in the woods.

Karissa, Michael, and Scott (born 2/16/00) have moved to Ft. Collins where Michael is working for Agilent as an electrical engineer.  Karissa taught 5th grade last year until Scott was born.  Michael received his Masters from BYU and they were excited to move and watch the building of their home.  Karissa is busy scrap booking and Michael enjoys building furniture for their home.

Julie, John, and Carter (born 1/16/00) enjoyed living with us this summer after moving from Provo, Utah where John graduated from BYU in History. In August they moved into a townhouse in Sacramento where John is attending the University of Pacific (McGeorge) Law School. Julie is working for “Only Love Children’s Center” as a preschool teacher. She loves having Carter with her at school.

Family and friends become more precious in our lives every year.  We hope you have a wonderful holiday season and treasure the celebration of Christ’s birth.

1999 Family News

This has been a year of happy memories and many blessings. We are grateful to our family and friends for their support and love. This season brings us much closer together as we focus on the life and mission of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Doug was released as our ward clerk and has been called as the Santa Rosa stake clerk. He is now manager of the measurement center of technology for Agilent Technologies (a spin off of Hewlett Packard). Sharon continues to enjoy being our ward relief society president. She has been eagerly studying ways to be a good grandmother.

Sherry and Jim were thrilled to welcome a new baby daughter Alexis Rose into their home on September 29, 1999. She weighed 8 pounds and was 20 inches long. We can hardly wait to see her at Christmas. Sherry has retired from teaching and has completed her course work for her masters’ degree. Jim is in his last year of residency in orthopedic surgery and plans to do a fellowship on the spine.

On May 15, 1999 Jeff married Katarina Karlsson (from Sweden) in our back yard. We had a wonderful celebration with many relatives and friends attending. Their home is in a beautiful area next to Lake Tahoe in Tahoe City, California. They love their new married life and starting a home together. Jeff missed part of the ski season last year with knee surgery and Katarina’s nursing education was put to good use.

Michael is finishing his masters’ degree in electrical engineering at BYU this coming spring. He has been traveling to Virginia, Colorado, Oregon, and Santa Rosa for job interviews.  Karissa certainly did miss him during the trips but Mike has some excellent job offers. Karissa graduated from BYU and is teaching the fifth grade and they are both excited about the coming arrival of their son Scott in February.

Julie graduated from BYU with her degree in family science. She is busy designing floral arrangements in the morning and working as a preschool teacher in the afternoon. John will graduate this coming April majoring in history and is applying to law schools in Utah and California. They both have really enjoyed the past year of marriage and are looking forward to becoming parents in mid January to their son Carter.

We are so excited to have a new daughter and our first three grandchildren. We look forward to another generation and the memories we will all make together. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

1998 Family News

Our favorite times are making memories with our children and sharing the experiences of life. We enjoyed being together in Las Vegas for a family reunion, Julie and John's wedding in Utah with a reception in California, and Thanksgiving in Fielding. Sharon enjoys loving and serving others as Relief Society President and Doug is Ward Clerk and Multi-Stake Public Affairs Director. Doug also received the Career Award from the professional society (ARFTG) for technical leadership in developing modern microwave network analysis.

Sherry and Jim continue to reside in Torrance California. Jim has only one and a half years left in his Orthopedic Residency at UCLA Harbor Hospital (Yeah). Sherry is teaching fourth grade in Hawthorne and has completed over half of her Masters degree at Chapman University. They have many neat friends and enjoy the southern California life and weather. Their cat Buster basically runs the place and has charmed Jim out of his chair.

Jeff is enjoying his work at Lake Tahoe and is now business manager of five ski shops for Dave's World Inc. He loves the mountain climate and atmosphere. Jeff has been able to combine his business and finance education with his computer skills and love of skiing into a winning career. He is dating Katarina Karlsson from Sweden and they are having a great time. Our ancestry is also from Sweden so this has been fun for the whole family.

Michael and Karissa still live in Provo. Mike is working on his Masters degree in Electrical Engineering at BYU and has an excellent job at the BYU Configurable Computing Lab. Karissa has completed her requirements in Elementary Education and is teaching second grade at Sunset View Elementary School. They have a nice new two-bedroom apartment at Wyview Park and the fastest Internet connection available (Dad is very jealous).

Julie met John in February and in August became Mrs. John Moore. They were married at the Mt. Timpanogos Temple and are now residing in their cozy apartment in Provo. They both attend BYU where Julie is a senior majoring in Family Science and John is a junior in History and plans to go to law school. They both work at The Flower Basket where Julie arranges flowers and John delivers them. They have two cute little kittens named Wylie and Sam.

We enjoy this wonderful time of the year as we ponder the life of Jesus Christ and the true meaning of the holiday season. May you have peace, joy and happiness in the coming year.

1997 Family News

As another year quickly comes to a close we are reminded of the blessings we enjoy so much. This has been a wonderful year of building closer family ties. Our dear Mother Phoebe Rytting and nephew Robert Robinson passed away in April and May. We were blessed to be with so many family members as we honored these precious people. They both taught us so much about enduring to the end and always having a cheerful attitude about life. We will miss them greatly and appreciate their influence for good in our lives. And the Anderson family Thanksgiving reunion in Fielding was outstanding.

Our days seem to go on without much change. Doug and Sharon are grateful for 32 years of happily married bliss. Doug has added Ward Clerk to his list of church callings and still helps four stakes with their public affairs programs. Sharon has found serving as Relief Society president busy but very rewarding. It is a pleasure to serve the Lord in any and as many ways as possible.

Sherry and Jim are still located in Torrance California. It is a wonderful climate and an interesting time in their lives. Sherry is busy with her fourth grade students from the central LA area. Jim continues to improve his skills as a doctor in orthopedic surgery. We have a new grand cat named Buster. It is rumored that he looks just like his grandfather Rytting, but with more hair.

Jeff is very busy (snowed) with his work as a manager at Dave's Ski Shop in Tahoe City. He likes to ski downhill during the day and cross-country skiing at night under beautiful moonlight (and sometimes with a beautiful girl).

Michael and Karissa are seniors at BYU and are extremely busy with school and work. Karissa is in elementary education and Mike is in electrical engineering specializing in DSP (digital signal processing). They have the cutest apartment all fixed up. They are the old married couple in their Ward, having been wed for over 18 months.

Julie continues to enjoy life (that is for sure) at BYU. She is majoring in home and family science. It is hard to believe that she is now a junior at college. Julie is education counselor in the Relief Society and especially enjoys helping others.

Of all the gifts of the season we are ever mindful of the Greatest Gift, that of the sweet birth, the exemplar life, and the atoning death of the Savior Jesus Christ. We know that He lives now, that His sacrifice was for each of us, and that His love is for all individually. And for this, we are grateful. May each of you feel that Love at this special time of the year.

1996 Family News

The years come and go and again we find ourselves grateful for the opportunity to write another Christmas letter to you. This is a wondrous and heartwarming season of the year.

Doug has been with Hewlett Packard for over 30 years. In 1996 he wrote and delivered eight technical papers. Doug and Sharon spent two fantastic weeks traveling to Belgium, France and Spain. We enjoyed visiting with our friends in Europe. Doug also appreciates working in public relations for the church.

Sharon is grateful for the young women she has been working with for many years. She is now working with their mothers as Relief Society President. Doug is her chief assistant and "do-what-ever" person. Recovering from her gal bladder surgery took a major portion of this year.

Sherry and Jim continue to relish southern California. The ocean and weather in Torrance have been delightful. Sherry is teaching fourth grade this year and her students are thrilled to have her as a teacher. Jim spends many hours at the hospital and finds orthopedic surgery fascinating and demanding.

This past summer Jeff worked at the River Ranch next to the Truckee River. He is now the ticketing computer network systems manager (long title isn't it) working full time at Squaw Valley ski resort. He loves the Tahoe area for the snow in the winter and the temperate beauty of the summer.

Mike and Karissa where married April 25th in the Provo Temple. They had a "magical" honeymoon in Orlando, Florida. Both are at BYU where Karissa is studying to be an elementary school teacher. Mike is in the electrical engineering program and working part time as a teacher’s assistant.

Julie continues to enjoy the social life (boys) at BYU. She has wonderful roommates and is planning to be an elementary school teacher. She is really learning about what life has to offer. She likes Elmo (her car), studying in the library (strategic locations) and hitting the slopes (skiing) when she can.

The annual Anderson family Thanksgiving reunion in Fielding, Utah was a pleasant time to renew family ties. We are so grateful for our family and friends and for the good associations we have with each of you. May the spirit of Jesus Christ fill your holiday season and be with you throughout the New Year.

1995 Family News

Doug spent a busy year traveling to the Orient and then on to Europe where he was able to spend two days with Mike while he was serving his mission in Aix-en-Provence, France. Doug gained a new appreciation of missionary work during his stay. He is now teaching the ward family relations class and is also Public Affairs Director (interfaith relationships and media coverage) for four stakes.

Sharon is adjusting to no longer being a mother of children at home. She went with Doug to Florida in May and then we stopped off in St. Louis to see Jim graduate from Medical School. In September we spent two and a half weeks dropping the kids off at school, visiting with family, seeing Glacier, Waterton, Lake Louise and the Canadian Rockies, and enjoying friends in Spokane. We went to Utah for Thanksgiving and then traveled to Scottsdale, Arizona. Needless to say there hasn't much time to get lonely and its great being one-on-one with Doug.

Jim was accepted into orthopedic surgery at UCLA Harbor Hospital after graduating magna cum laude from St. Louis University. It was sad for Sherry to leave her 23 fourth graders and her many friends. Jeff helped them move to Torrance, California in June. Jim is now working 80 to 120 hours a week and Sherry is teaching 32 sixth graders in the Hawthorne School District. It is fun to have them closer to us and the airline companies are now financially solvent.

Jeff graduated from Chico State University last May. He has been working at a real estate office in Chico since then and is moving to Tahoe City this week. He will be selling tickets at Squaw Valley Ski Resort (skiing like mad during his off times) and hopes to be hired on a year round basis in their accounting department. We will be spending Christmas in a cabin in the Sierras with him. Julie and Mike can't wait to ski with Jeff.

Mike returned from the Marseilles, France Mission the last of July. It was a tough but rewarding experience and many people were blessed by his efforts. It is a beautiful area and we are looking forward to returning there on our vacation next summer. It was wonderful to have him home for a month before he went back to BYU. He has settled back into school quickly and really enjoys his roommates, computer, and girl friend.

Julie went to British Columbia, Canada in the spring with the Concert Choir and the "Thursday Night Singers" vocal group. Julie has a great voice and it was fun to attend her many concerts. She graduated from Montgomery High School in May and sang, "That's what Friends are For" at commencement. She is now at BYU and is having the best time ever with her studies, computer, apartment life, and friends.

1994 Family News

Doug was released as Bishop after six and a half years of service and is now teaching the Family Relations class. Being Research and Technology Manager at Hewlett Packard is creating many opportunities for travel. His mother is now living in Idaho Falls, Idaho and enjoys being near her daughters Alta and Donna.

Sharon and her family have really become close this past year. She spent time this summer at the Anderson family reunion and our family is excited to be together again in Fielding for the Christmas holidays. Sharon continues to work with the Young Women in our new Bennett Valley Ward and loves working with the girls.

Sherry was with us this summer for a month while Jim was studying orthopedic surgery at UCLA. We had a fun vacation taking Sherry from Santa Rosa back to Los Angeles to meet Jim before they returned to St. Louis. Sherry enjoys her fourth grade class of twenty-two students and is also spending time back at the university on her masters' program. Jim is finishing his last year at medical school and now selecting where to do his internship.

Jeff is in his last year at Chico State and having a great time with all his neighbors. He still enjoys snow skiing and the intramural soccer league. Jeff had the unique opportunity to see the USA vs Brazil soccer match at Stanford stadium this summer. This has been an exciting year for Jeff as he finishes school and he has done very well with his studies. He is now deciding whether to go to work or continue studies for an MBA this next year.

Mike has had a challenging year in the Marseille France Mission. It is a difficult mission but the work is still rewarding and Mike's attitude is excellent. He loves the people, and an exchange student from one of the families he was teaching (Doris Gourbere) spent three eventful weeks with us this summer. It is amazing how fast the time passes and Mike will be back home this next July. He sends his love and appreciation to all of you for your support.

Julie is having the time of her life as a senior at Montgomery High School. She spent ten days this past summer in Utah visiting with family and attending "A Time for Youth." She sings with a premiere vocal ensemble called the "Thursday Night Singers" and they are constantly in demand for performances. Julie served as Laurel President and is presently serving as Stake Youth Committee Publicity Director. She can't wait to ski with Jeff at Christmas time.

1993 Family News

Doug's new job as Research and Technology Manager for the Santa Rosa Systems Division at Hewlett Packard has really kept him busy traveling and attending all kinds of meetings. He has been Bishop now for five and a half years and still can't seem to solve everyone's problems. He really has enjoyed working with our ward family.

Sharon continues to enjoy working for Houghton and Flowers CPA's during the tax season. She traveled to St. Louis, South Carolina, Utah, Idaho, and Spokane where many happy memories were made. She was released as Education counselor in Relief Society and made a counselor in Young Women working with the Bee Hives.

Julie is a junior at Montgomery High School. She is on the high honor roll, dance team, concert choir, and is in her third year of French. She continues to attend early morning seminary and enjoys studying church history. Julie is excited to have her driver's license and is often seen driving with her friends. Now that she is sixteen dating has become a high priority. One of Julie's highlights over the summer was attending Especially for Youth at BYU.

Mike loved being at BYU and the many friends he made there. He was diligent in his studies and able to keep his four year scholarship. He received his mission call to the Marseilles France Mission. His Grandparents Anderson, Sherry, Aunt Janet and Jayson came to his farewell on August 8. Doug and Jeff took him on August 11 to the MTC in Provo. He is having the time of his life and loves the people and his companions.

Jeff is really enjoying his studies at Chico State University. He is studying business and finance. He taught tennis lessons in Chico and came home for the summer to work in the landscape architecture business. His best friends Glen and Eric are his roommate's in Chico and he is really enjoying them. He is doing very well with his grades and we are proud of him. He loves to travel and can't wait to go back to Europe.

Sherry is teaching the sixth grade in St. Louis, Missouri and all of the students want to be in her class. She teaches English and spelling to her homeroom and then has four classes of reading. She spends a lot of time attending her students' activities and being with friends. Jim has finished his first two years of class work at St. Louis University Medical School and is on hospital rotations for the next two years. He really loves learning and is doing extremely well in all his classes.

Doug, Sharon, Mike, and Julie spent a wonderful month in New York participating in the Hill Cumorah Pageant. We spent five days in New York City before going to Palmyra. Doug was cast as the wicked King Noah, Sharon was in several crowd scenes, Mike was a Lamanite dancer, and Julie was a Trumpeter Angel. We renewed many old friendships and made many new relationships. We went to Niagara Falls, Kirtland, Ohio and on to Cedar Point where Mike and Julie really enjoyed the roller coasters while Doug and Sharon relaxed.

1991 Family News

Today is the eighteenth anniversary of moving into our home in Santa Rosa where we have shared many fond memories together. In June, the family traveled to Utah and helped celebrate Verl and Madge Anderson's 50th wedding anniversary.

Doug's memories for the year include serving and working with the members of our ward as Bishop. The 8510 network analyzer program at work was finally completed after many years of effort. Doug designed and built a TV cabinet for our new bedroom set and it turned out very nice (this is like having a lumberjack build fine furniture).

Sharon began an enjoyable year working at the CPA firm for three months. Travel plans were then made to visit Rome, the French Riviera, Paris, and Brussels with Doug on a business trip in May. She spent many enjoyable hours helping with wedding plans, gardening, and reading. Sharon has also been serving as Education Counselor in Relief Society.

On June 22 Sherry and Jim were married and we are so happy to have a new son. They went to Hawaii on their honeymoon and have moved into a lovely apartment in St. Louis. Jim is busy attending medical school and is doing very well. Sherry is teaching three to five year old deaf children and working at the local library. They were excellent hosts when Sharon visited them in October and they certainly had fun together.

Jeff's memories include attending Santa Rosa Jr. College and playing on the college tennis team. He bas been working out at Park Point athletic club, snow skiing, hot air ballooning, playing volleyball and is in excellent physical condition. He designed and replanted our yard this spring and it looks great. Working as an optical lab technician for Dr. Wong has been interesting and rewarding. Jeff hopes to be attending college at Chico State next fall.

Mike enjoys being on the high school tennis team, snow skiing, and playing basketball for the church. He bas become a real master at the computer; he particularly enjoys the games. He is now a senior at Montgomery High School and has earned a 4.0 GPA that has allowed him to apply for scholarships at Utah State and BYU. Mike is the First Assistant in the Priest Quorum and is finishing his fourth year of early morning Seminary.

Julie enjoys being in the Mia Maid Class presidency and loves her first year of Seminary. She continues to study tap and jazz and never misses a Stake Dance or a chance to shop. At school, Julie uses her natural ability to excel in arts and crafts. She is receiving great grades placing her on the high honor role and is having a rewarding Ninth Grade year. As always, Julie is looking forward to a fun winter season of hitting the ski slopes.

1990 Family History

Twenty-five wonderful years have passed since Doug and Sharon were married in the Logan Temple. We enjoyed spending it together with our children on November 24.

Doug's Father passed away in February and we all miss him very much. Being Bishop continues to be a great challenge but very rewarding.

Sharon was released as Young Women's President and now enjoys teaching the Spiritual Living Lesson and helping Doug with his many projects. Each year gets busier at the CPA firm she works for. She has learned a lot from her flower arranging class.

Sherry loved going to Belgium, France, and England with her Dad and Mom in May. She graduated from BYU in August and has a long-term substitute job in Orem teaching 51 kindergarten students. Jim will be here New Years Day and has been accepted at medical school in St. Louis.

Jeff lived, worked and skied at Squaw Valley from January to April. He has been working for a landscape architect since May and has really learned a lot. He has put in a new lawn and several flowerbeds for us. He enjoys Santa Rosa Junior College and can hardly wait until the snow begins to fall.

Mike continues to do outstanding in school. He is a junior at Montgomery High. He still loves basketball, tennis, golf, and being able to drive the car. He has really mastered our new computer. Bertrand our summer student from Belgium and Mike enjoyed speaking French together.

Julie enjoyed spending August in Utah with Mom getting to know her Utah family better. It's hard to believe she is almost 14 and an eighth grade honor student. She has taken up jazz and tap dancing and enjoys basketball, shopping, and baby-sitting.

1989 Family History

It's hard to believe that another year has come and gone. We have been living in Santa Rosa for 16 years now. Our favorite season of the year is here and we can hardly wait to hear from each of you and know how you are doing.

Being a Bishop has been a very rewarding and eye opening experience that has helped Doug gain a greater appreciation of our family. He has done a great job and continues to amaze us with his ability to love, serve, and forgive others.

Sharon enjoyed being Office Manager at the CPA Firm she works for during the tax season. Being Young Women President and running the bookstore continues to keep her out of trouble. She had a ball redecorating our living room this past spring.

Sherry has been working very hard as a senior at BYU and her grades really show her effort. She worked in Provo this summer so we are really excited to see her at Christmas. She hopes to be able to teach school next fall. We are proud of her accomplishments.

Jeff is busy attending Santa Rosa Junior College, working five days a week at a pharmacy, playing tennis, and snow skiing every chance he gets. We are really enjoy having him here at home with us and the support and love he shares.

Mike was so excited to get straight A's at Montgomery High this fall. He is Teachers Quorum President and Seminary Class President. He loves to play basketball, golf, and tennis. He is a good helper around our home now that Dad is gone so much.

Julie was in four plays and three variety shows for our church and community this year. She loves Seventh grade, and Young Women (but it will be much better when she is 14 and can go to dances). She was also on the championship school basketball team.

Chiaki (one of our Japanese students) will be here for ten days for her first American Christmas. We were able to visit Chiaki and her family in Japan and know we will enjoy her in our home. She has been working in Australia for the past two years.

We think of you so often and we are so grateful for you and the many memories that we share. We would love to have you come to visit us any time you can.

1988 Family History

Doug's parents continue to enjoy life as much as possible. Doug's Dad celebrated his 90th birthday this year and was so grateful to return home after a few months stay in a rest home. We appreciate the opportunity we have of hearing how you and your families are doing.

Doug is grateful for his new calling as Bishop of Santa Rosa Fifth Ward. He was sustained after a three-week business trip to Europe where he spent his evenings getting organized for his new calling. His Mom, Sharon's Mom, and Sherry came home for Mothers Day weekend to see him set apart. He enjoys helping others and has an even greater appreciation for his family and all those he works with.

Sharon is grateful that she has been allowed to continue being our Ward Young Women President. She continues to enjoy our bookstore and the CPA Firm she works for. She has been developing her ability to sing by joining Etude Chorus and taking private vocal lessons. Her days with Doug in Washington D.C. and Boston were delightful.

Sherry is grateful for Jim Olson and the many hours they spend together in the library. She has been doing very well with her grades as a junior at B.Y.U. She has just completed her student teaching with 27 darling first graders. She enjoys her roommates and social life at college.

Jeff is grateful for Frank Wilson his roommate at B.Y.U. They were immediate friends and have made many more friends in Helaman Halls. They enjoy soccer, weight lifting, bowling, and report that the ski slopes in Utah are tremendous. Jeff worked for eight months last year at a service station and developed his skills working with cars.

Mike is grateful to be the oldest sibling in our home at this time. He is an honor roll student, goes to seminary, was Deacon's Quorum President, plays golf, tennis, video games, solarquest, and basketball. He sustained his first broken bone (in the hand), can't wait to get back to the piano, and had the musical lead in the play "The Princess and the Beggar."

Julie is grateful that she can attend Young Women after February l. She can hardly wait to go to all of the activities and firesides. She is in the sixth grade and really does well in school. She has been guest soloist many times during the past year and has a beautiful voice. She is totally organized and a joy to all of us.

1987 Family History

Doug has really been hooked on snow skiing and spent many days skiing with the family in the Sierra Mountains and with Sherry in Utah. He continues to recruit at USU and enjoys seeing Sherry and our family twice a year. In July he traveled to China and realizes his blessings even more. In November he was released from our Ward Bishopric and sustained to the High Council.

After having the Seventies Bookstore in our home for 6.5 years Sharon's dream of becoming a bookstore owner became a reality last January. She worked part time for a CPA firm during the tax season. Then enjoyed a delightful vacation with her Mom, Janet, and Lori in Hawaii in July. After a busy year as Ward Young Women’s President and being in the musical Sound of Music, Sharon is looking forward to a few days of relaxation in Florida next week with Doug.

Sherry returned to BYU and became accustomed to her first winter in the snow. She is majoring in elementary education and really enjoys her classes and working with children. She worked as a full time secretary during the four months she was home this summer. She and Mom had a great time in August setting up her new apartment in Provo. Sherry has made many new friends and her favorite continues to be Jim.

Jeff's favorite pastime is hearing the snow skiing conditions. His thirty-five points per game really helped his church basketball team win the stake tournament. They also placed third in regional competition. After a winning varsity tennis season he picked up the golf clubs and never seems to be able to put them down. He worked as a camp counselor for his second summer, is an assistant to the Bishop in Priests Quorum, and teaches Blazer Scouting.

Mike is now an eighth grader. He played Boys Club basketball, soccer on the Annadel Soccer League, and continues to be a musical genius. He has all the energy possible and never stops. He enjoys his red eighteen-speed mountain bike, golf, tennis, snow skiing, bowling, model car racing, and computers. He is doing a great job as Deacons Quorum president.

Julie is as organized at home and school as ever. She has developed an asthma problem but by following the doctor's instructions is really improving. She is in charge of our six cats and one rabbit. Her singing ability and piano performance continues to progress as she delights many audiences. Julie has several friends and is our family social butterfly.

The highlight of our year came when our family met in Japan for a two-week vacation. We were able so see or stay with five of our Japanese summer exchange students and Sherry's roommate from BYU. The warm hospitality of the Japanese people is fantastic.

1986 Family History

Doug continues to be busy with his work at H.P. and being in our Bishopric. Sharon loves being Young Women's President and her daily activities. We had many togetherness hours remodeling our home, and find we are still best friends.

Sherry remembers well her happy years as she graduated from Seminary and Montgomery High. Her song leading squad traveled for several competitions. She worked at an Elementary school play ground this summer before enrolling in B.Y.U. She finds Deseret Towers, her many friends, teaching Mother Education, and studying both challenging and rewarding.

For hours each day Jeff loves to play tennis. He played on Montgomery High School tennis team and basketball team. Finding his name on the High Honor Roll, driving the car, snow skiing, teasing his Mother, and working as a parks and recreation camp counselor has kept him busy.

Mike is in three junior high bands where he plays the clarinet, baritone saxophone and oboe. He has truly mastered the piano and gets a lot of enjoyment from music. He played catcher on his Angels Little League team and was chosen as an all star player. He gets up at 5:30 each morning to deliver his newspaper route and he is building a RC 10 remote control car.

Julie has blossomed into an artist, ballerina, pianist, and vocalist. She plays schoolteacher by the hour because of her love for school. Bike riding, building playhouses, and swimming occupies her free time. She is very organized and tidy.

Our family has become snow skiing fanatics and we have enjoyed using our van to carry us to the slopes in Utah, Nevada, and California. We think of you often and realize the blessings you have brought into our lives.